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Tech August 14, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Trend Micro is releasing Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 to help businesses deal with the challenges of consumerisation and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.


Surasak Wanichwatphibun, a technical consultant at Trend Micro (Thailand), said that this trend is bringing mobile threats to the company’s network. According to Trend Micro, there are more than 5,000 malicious new Android apps found in the first quarter of this year. BOYD brings devices, cloud, and social network to the company. Trend Micro recommended that companies have a strategy (create a plan), set a policy allowing employees to bring their own devices to use and connect with the company’s network, and deploy security.
It is estimated that the number of unique Android malware will be 129,000 by the end of 2012. Mobile-specific app threats are spying tools (track users data like GPS and send to a third party), rooter (hacks phone to take control), premium service (secretly subscribes users to paid service), data stealer (steals personal information), malicious download (download new apps without user consent), and click fraud (triggers pay-per-click activity on the device). 
Andriod smart phones have become a favourite attack target due to their app distribution model, which make them completely open to all parties. Mobile devices connected to company networks are laptops (49 per cent), smart phones (33 per cent), and tablets (17 per cent). 
More use of mobile devices in the company will raise more demands for mobile enterprise security. According to IDC, the global mobile enterprise security would be worth US$1.02 billion (Bt31 billion) this year and  is expected to be $2.49 billion by 2016.
According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the global mobile enterprise security market will continue to grow from $682 million last year to $2.49 billion in 2016. 
A survey shows that most companies in five industries – education, healthcare, IT services, hospitality, and consulting – allow employees to use their own devices for work-related activities. The good news is that about 63 per cent of the companies participating in the survey said that they have installed security software because their top-five concerns when companies allow employees to bring their own devices to connect to the company’s network are security, data loss, compliance, personal data, and privacy. 
He added that Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 will be launched in the next quarter. It will help businesses embrace consumerisation and BYOD by addressing their concerns and giving them the control and visibility they need to manage the mobile devices estate. 
Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 includes mobile device security (jail-break detection), mobile device management (device provisioning, remote control, and inventory management), mobile application management (app black listing, app white app listing, app push, and app inventory), and data protection (encryption enforcement and selective wipe).