Thailand's Isuzu unit avoids disaster by moving into cloud

Tech May 27, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Employees can now work seamlessly anywhere at any time on any device

Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group has invested Bt18 million to transform its working processes into cloud computing technology. This will allow its 800 employees in 15 branches in Bangkok and nearby provinces to work seamlessly anywhere at any time on any device.
The group’s assistant managing director, Thantip Leevutinun, said the company had been undertaking the transformation for a year. The project was spurred on by a number of problems the firm had encountered, including floods and political protests. 
“We faced problems of business continuity as at those times we did not have a data centre or a disaster  [recovery] centre. Our working process was based on PC client servers separately located at each branch. If flooding or political protest affected our access to a branch, we could not work or run our business as usual, resulting in loss of business opportunity. Our business was stopped. We could not access all 15 branches to work. That forced us to decide to go on the cloud,” Thantip said.
She said the Bt18-million investment would include establishment of a data centre as well as turn its 200 personal computers into a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provided by Dell Corporation (Thailand). “This will increase business performance while reducing the cost of IT maintenance and helping maintain business continuity. It helps us reduce business risk because we can operate normally if there is a disaster, whether it is a flood or a protest.”
She noted that her company was not solely in the business of selling vehicles but also provided services and accessories. The efficiency of providing such services depends on how well the company knows its customers and how fast it can access their purchase and service records. 
“Knowing them well helps us provide better service and gives us more chances to sell services to existing customers. The cloud system can help our sales [staff] to do more when they provide services at corporate customers’ sites. Whatever device they have, no matter if it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, they can easily access our system over the cloud remotely wherever they are,” Thantip said.
Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group sells more than 10,000 vehicles per year, and it provides services for about 100,000. Its ratio of corporate to individual customers is 20:80 in terms of units.
She said that with the assistance of technology, the company could play a role as the customer’s consultant. It can design sales and service campaigns to match customers’ requirements, and that helps it generate more revenue per customer while also establishing long-term relationships with them. 
“Our next plan is to invest in big data and social-media marketing, which now are necessary tools to help us offer better and new services for our customers and expand our business.” 
Anothai Wettayakorn, managing director of Dell Corp (Thailand) and general manager for Indochina, said Dell provided Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group end-to-end cloud client-computing solutions including optimised VDI and other forms of desktop virtualisation. This included tightly integrated data-centre hardware, management software, end points and services as well as virtualisation software. 
“Technology now is playing the role of business partner, to help businesses perform well. The five key trends in transforming business are cloud computing, mobility, big data, security, and social media. Now Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group has already invested in cloud computing, mobility, big data and security. Next are big data and social media. Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group is following this trend,” Anothai said.
He added that the group was one of the big corporates for which Dell had set up a dedicated team. 
“Dell plays the role of technology partner and adviser to help businesses transform into the digital world so that they can have business continuity with security,” he said.
This is part of Dell’s new “go to market” strategy, which was officially launched in Thailand in early March. Under this strategy, Dell redesigned and restructured its business channels.
Dell will go to market through two approaches: system integrators and distributors. Partners will be free to propose Dell’s end-to-end solutions to customers ranging from individual consumers to large enterprises.
“With the new market strategy, we can focus and concentrate on large corporates and let our partners take care of other customers. We have changed from providing hardware to providing solutions, thus we needed to transform our approach as well. For large corporates like Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group, Dell has teams to take care of total solutions and service,” Anothai said.
Dell offers solutions throughout region
These are example cases of where Dell provides end-to-end solutions to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.
ElectraNet (Australia)
ElectraNet is the principal transmission network service provider and system control centre operator in South Australia, and operates in the national electricity market. Its customers include power generators, SA Power Networks, the electricity distributor for South Australia, and large industry. It has implemented Dell’s server solutions. 
Graham Smith, senior manager for information technology at ElectraNet, said Dell solutions allowed simplicity of management and living with the solutions. They offer the ability to see what the environment iss doing through a single partner. 
Sing Tao News Corporation (China)
Sing Tao is recognised as a global name in the print-media market and has a comprehensive portfolio ranging from free newspapers to magazines and books. As a news corporation where content is an invaluable asset, Sing Tao needed to prevent the leakage of information before its intended publication.
Sing Tao deployed Dell’s client cloud computing solutions, including Dell deployment services, PowerEdge M620 Blade Server, Wyse P25, Dell Networking MXL 10/40 GbE DCB Blade Switch Factory, and Dell Networking S4810P.
Bill Yeung, chief information officer of Sing Tao News, said Dell’s solutions allowed the company to secure its unpublished content and prevent any leakage of unpublished information in both its local and remote offices. Sing Tao also achieved savings in information-technology resources, allowing the IT team to focus on other strategic projects that help add value.
Technicolor India
Technicolor India offers services in animation and visual effects for movies and television, game development and other media services. Known for producing high-quality media, Technicolor required powerful workstations and high-end servers for rendering as well as storage.
It implemented Dell solutions include precision fixed workstations, rack servers, cloud servers, tape library and laptops. 
Biren Ghose, country head of Technicolor India, said Dell’s affordable and comprehensive support had enabled Technicolor to remain at the cutting edge of technology and deliver fast and premium performance in its animations.