Thai start-ups accelerating to success, Part 2

Tech July 08, 2014 00:00

By Jon Eddy Abdullah

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The combined number of Facebook and Line users is almost as high as the total number of Internet users. Facebook is a popular channel for online shopping, with more than 10,000 shopping pages in Thailand, while Line has more than 5.6 million people using

The cost and complexity of e-commerce start-ups has reduced, with companies like aCommerce starting to provide end-to-end e-commerce consultation services. Start-ups do not need only online websites, but also warehouses, logistics infrastructure, and every other thing that is required for selling products and services on the Internet. 
Many large enterprises run incubator programmes to help new IT start-ups filter their ideas and kick-start their business, which is a very positive trend for our industry. However, prior to the second DTAC Accelerate, we felt that the programme still lacked something that would help the start-ups and small companies go through critical steps or phases, including company and product development and funding support.
1 – Training
Start-ups often come up with excellent ideas, but lack the resources and experience required for converting the ideas into money-making products. What those start-ups and companies have in common is that they need training on critical topics, such as an effective operating system, growth hacking, product development and pitching, which are all necessary skills for start-ups to become successful and obtain investment from venture capital in the future.
2 – Business model
Many start-ups seek advice on how to create a sustainable and scalable business model with capability to grow their product in a short period of time. Additionally, they need support for product commercialisation and international market expansion through different distribution and sales channels.
3 – Connection
Every start-up or business launching a new product or service wants to present its product to potential investors. Therefore, connecting them up with the right strategic partners and investors at the right time is very critical to business growth.
4 – Commitment
For start-ups, legal and financial consultation is key to their business foundation and sustainability. A systematic legal and financial management would enable them to connect with the right customers, which for us includes all DTAC customers and over 150 million customers of Telenor Group worldwide. Long-term consultation and support from world-class partners is truly a difference to the success of the business.
From the rise of smart phones in Thailand, we are entering an emerging era of start-up business. Every organisation in our industry should contribute in whatever way we can to make it happen.
_ Jon Eddy Abdullah is chief executive officer of DTAC (Total Access Communication).