Take it back with Message Recall on WeChat 5.3.1

Tech August 12, 2014 20:53

By The Nation

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WeChat 5.3.1 for Android and iOS has been released with a new Message Recall feature allowing you to recall any message sent within the last two minutes instantly.

You can recall the message by simply holding it and tapping the “Recall” button and it will become like was never sent.

WeChat 5.3.1 also comes with several new features:

Tags for Contacts: Tag contacts with keywords like “Co-worker,” “In-law” or “BFF” so you can find people in a flash - particularly useful when creating group chats. To start, go to the “Contacts” tab and select a name > Tap the Settings icon above > Press “Set Remarks and Tags” and insert keywords for the contact in the “Tag” field.

Favorite Messages in Bulk: Save all your favourite messages into one package so you can quickly view them without scouring through the messages individually. To use this feature, simply long press a message > Select “More” > Choose multiple messages > Tap the “Favorite Messages” icon below to save.

The new WeChat 5.3.1 for Android and iOS has a clean and crisp UI, meaning you can easily slide between your favourite features and effortlessly use the upgraded search bar. And, when connected to Wi-Fi, your photos will automatically download.