Start-up aims to find niche in smart apps, solutions

Tech August 21, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Appsphere expects 100-per-cent growth this year


A newly set-up local software company, Appsphere Group, is focusing on mobile software development, specialising in smart phones and smart device applications and solution development. 
Currently, Appsphere Group provides development service to businesses that are interested in planning and deploying smart-device-based applications and solutions. It has also been launching its proprietary applications and technology as well. 
Appsphere Group’s chief executive officer, Sean Choi, said the company has three major business tracks – providing development service to businesses that are in need of mobile applications and solutions; developing its own smart phone and device applications; and providing “new media interactive platform” business, which includes new media technologies such as 3D mapping, touch and motion sensing display and other types of advanced state-of-the-art interactive display formats. 
“Although Appsphere Group was set up only in August 2011, but many of us have been working together for almost two years. We were ‘reborn’ as Appsphere Group just last year in August. We wanted to structure the company to focus more on the Thai market and serve it better,” said Choi.
The majority of its business comes from providing development services to businesses like Siam Commercial Group (SCG) and PTT. However, in the mid to long run, it also has the strategy to focus on developing its own application portfolio. 
“We will have the right business balance between development service and our own apps for customers,” said Choi.
The company has created more than 40 apps and solutions. 
“In this fairly new industry, with a short history, not many local companies have an extensive portfolio like ours and we are very proud of it. We have been covering all types of business and industries with diverse apps and different features, content and objectives in mind – e-books that pay tribute to His Majesty the King, to a diet app that features the famous Korean girl group Girl’s Generation,” said Choi.
Apart from business apps, the company also has its own app called ‘JJ App’. JJ App contains shop information, map, directory, shopping memo feature and a lot more. It is currently the No 1 app in the Lifestyle category and No 9 overall in Thailand. 
“It is basically the most popular app besides games,” said Choi.
Other than apps, the company plans to launch an app platform where businesses can easily build their app at an affordable price in the near future. It also plans to launch 2-3 more apps and app “products” in the second half of this year and more than 5 apps by next year.
“Among the apps we have developed for clients, PTT Tambon is the app about His Majesty the King, and we feel very honoured and proud to be a part of it. We’ve also just launched – working with HP – a beautiful app for SCG that shows their products and information, as well as a motion sensing display at SCG Experience at Crystal Design Centre,” said Choi.
Currently, Appsphere has a development team of 15 people and is still growing. The company aims to grow to about 25 by the end of the year. 
“Not all developers are dedicated to ongoing projects. We have an R&D department to pursue new technologies and ideas,” said Choi.
The company has been also serving the Korean market for almost two years. However, its main focus market is Thailand now and it also has in its sights Vietnam, Singapore and other parts of Asia.
“I want Appsphere Group to be the mobile company that industry professionals ultimately want to work in for its great atmosphere, diversity of culture, rewards and sense of achievement that comes with success,” said Choi.
He added that because the Thai smart mobile market is growing rapidly therefore, the company aims to grow at 100 per cent by this year.