Red Hat expects it remain choice of platform for Big Data, Cloud computing

Tech December 25, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Red Hat foresees that Linux, especially Red Hat Enterprise Linux, will remain a top choice for an operating system for cloud computing.

Jim Totton, vice president and general manager or Red Hat’s Platform Business Unit, said Linux has evolved to support 8 out of every 10 cloud-based applications today although it was developed on and for the Internet.

He said Linux will continue to evolve to power the cloud computing and Red Hat Enterprise Linux would play a key role in the future of cloud technology.

“The cloud demands choice and flexibility, and we believe that’s what will maintain Linux the cloud operating system well into the future, and we expect Red Hat Enterprise Linux to play a key role in that future too. Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables applications to consume compute, storage and network resources on a broad range of virtualization solutions and cloud services from many vendors, with a commitment for stability over a ten year life cycle,” Totton said.

He said global data is estimated to increase 50-fold by 2020, and businesses need effective e tools to harness the Big Data.

“Our customers recognize that they need to harness the increased volume, variety and speed of data if they are going to succeed,’ Totton said.

“Tremendous data volumes and complex, intensive analytic processing require an infrastructure designed for scalability, integration, performance, and scale-out storage. For the foreseeable future, organizations will continue to rely on the infrastructure for big data applications to run reliably and scale seamlessly to keep up with the pace at which data is generated or transferred.”

He added that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a platform that integrates high performance, scalable storage and data throughput with the ability to successfully develop, integrate and secure applications consuming data. “This is why we estimate that the majority of big data implementations run on Linux,” Totton said.