Polycom launches dedicated room system for Lync 2013

Tech March 01, 2013 00:00

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Polycom Inc Friday announced a new dedicated room system for Microsoft Lync 2013, a multi-way content sharing application, additional interoperable solutions, and customer momentum in support of Microsoft's inaugural Lync Conference held in San Diego, Cal


Polycom’s portfolio of 40 video, voice, and content sharing solutions are interoperable oroptimised to work with Microsoft Lync.
Together, PolycomRealPresence video and voice solutions and Microsoft Lync unify communications across work environments – on the go, home and work offices, conference rooms, and immersive theatres, Polycom announced.
With the combination of Lync and RealPresence solutions, employees can launch video collaboration sessions easily and intuitively from within familiar interfaces and normal work flows, from any work environment on- or off-premises. They simply click a name in their Lync contact list to securely collaborate face-to-face via Polycom video at their desktop or in a conference room, according to Polycom.
“We have long worked with Microsoft to ensure our solutions are interoperable and we’re excited to do so again with Lync 2013,” said Ted Colton, Global Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Polycom.
“Today our mutual customers are benefitting from the ability to eliminate the barrier of geographic distance between employees. The combination of Polycom and Microsoft software gives employees greater flexibility and a seamless UC solution for video, voice, conferencing and collaboration, from anywhere, anytime. And with our new dedicated room system purpose-built for Lync 2013, it’s only going to get better and drive more value for our mutual customers.”
Polycom will launch a new dedicated video conferencing room system combining Microsoft Lync 2013 and Polycom video collaboration technology. The solution will feature high-end Polycom camera and microphone options (for traditional front-of-room cameras and centre-of-table 360-degree cameras), touchscreen monitors, and a tabletop touch controller. 
The new Polycom room system will be purpose-built for Lync 2013 to extend the familiar Lync user experience to the video conference room environment and will include rich presence, contact search and instant messaging as well as powerful video conferencing with rich collaboration capabilities including white boarding, PowerPoint presentations, application sharing and editing, Polycom said
Its tight integration with Microsoft Outlook will help users both in the meeting room as well as remotely start and manage meetings more efficiently, ultimately increasing usage and driving a greater return on investment. 
The Polycom room system for Microsoft Lyncwill include several features that specifically take advantage of Lync 2013 such as built-in multi-party video and will leverage the industry’s first open standards-based SVC (Scalable Video Coding)implementation – unveiled by Polycom in October2012.
Polycom also announced the Polycom RealPresence Content Sharing Suite, a software application for the PolycomRealPresence Platform software infrastructure. The new software solution allows Lync users to share content back and forth with standards-based video collaboration devices such as room-based video solutions (such asPolycom HDX systems) or mobile apps (such as Polycom RealPresence Mobile 2.0app). 
Lync users have always been able to view content as part of the video stream but the new software from Polycomallows Lync users to view and share documents and presentations in a separate content video stream, allowing for high-definition display of content (up to 720p HD), larger display of participants, and an overall enhanced user experience.
Polycom offers a broad and rich portfolio of solutions that are interoperable or optimised to work with Microsoft Lync –40 solutions in total. Anchored by the flagship Polycom CX family of products, built for custom integration with Lync, Polycom has an expansive portfolio of solutions that have achieved formal qualification for Microsoft Lync 2010 interoperability including:
- Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX 1500 and 2000), software for multiparty video and voice collaboration that connects the most people at highest quality and lowest cost. The RealPresence Collaboration Server is a key component of the Polycom RealPresence Platform software infrastructure.
- Polycom RealPresence Room video collaboration systems (Polycom HDX6000, 7000, and 8000) and the Polycom HDX 4500 executive desktop video system.
- Polycom VVX 500 business media phones that improve productivity by simplifying communication processes and business work flows. The media phones can be video-enabled when used with the Polycom VVX Camera.
- The Polycom SoundPoint IP series desktop phones (SoundPoint 450, 550, 560, and 650).