New service tracks social-media trends

Tech January 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Software firm Computerlogy has launched a new service,, to track trends in Thailand.

Vachara Aemavat, chief executive and co-founder of Computerlogy, said was its newest service since SocialEnable, a social-media management system for various businesses. is designed for general users and businesses interested in learning what current trends are being talked about and avoid missing out on certain important events.
The new service is being initiated in Thailand but the firm plans to expand it into other countries. “Besides this, we will keep on developing new solutions to improve marketing efficiency on social media,” Vachara said. is designed to gather various trends on Facebook, with users able to check what are the hottest topics or the ones stimulating the widest interest. classifies trends into 20 categories, such as banking, communication, media, travel, vehicles, education, healthcare, amusement and so on. This will enable businesses to observe the direction of a particular market in order to adapt their marketing tactics and strategies.
Vachara said Thailand had a huge number of social-media users, particularly on Facebook. Countless Facebook pages have been created to communicate about whatever events are happening. 
“Consequently social media have become the most essential sources in monitoring movements all the time to realise what is happening at a particular moment. However, to learn which ones are the popular topics, as well as to sort and search in the right category, is not easy at all,” he said.
Computerlogy was founded in 2009 by a group of software developers. The company specialises in software development for big companies and integration with social-media platforms.