Ministry aims to 'spark' ideas with science fair

Tech August 06, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Exhibit showcases the latest local innovations, offers opportunities

The Science and Technology Ministry will hold a national science and technology fair under the theme “Catch the World of Science, Spark the Ideas towards Asean” at Bitec from August 6-21.
The fair will also take place as Techno Mart from August 14-18 at CentralWorld Square.
Science Minister Peerapan Palusuk said yesterday that this year’s fair, which takes place during National Science Week, will be one of the largest exhibitions in Asean to present the advancements and potential of modern science and technology as well as the potential of Thai researchers and scientists.
The fair will combine Techno Mart, an exhibition of technologies and innovations created by Thais, with business negotiation opportunities and technological and innovative services to inspire the research and development of technologies and innovations to promote national development in the long term.
These activities will stimulate interest in the sciences and innovations among researchers, scientists and the public while keeping them updated on technological advancement in Thailand as well as the potential of local researchers and scientists.
They will spark new ideas for junior scientists to realise the importance of science and implement them in their daily lives so all Thais will be ready to embrace the development of Asean integration.
Weerapong Pairsuwan, permanent secretary of the ministry, said the activities would be divided into zones occupying 42,000 square metres to enable participation and offer scientific knowledge to visitors.
Some of the highlights are exhibitions to honour His Majesty the King, exhibitions and activities on science and technology, presentation of National Scientists Awards, scientific competitions and contests, conferences and seminars, and trade exhibitions for scientific and technological products.
The fair has been improved and modernised by adding activities for all age groups so visitors can take part and experiment.
For example, the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology will host an exhibition on “Nuclear Technology for Agriculture” to help increase the income and productivity of farmers. The Office of Atoms for Peace will host an exhibition on the Centre for Radiation Monitoring, which highlights the search for and monitoring of radiation activities.
The National Science Museum will host an exhibition on “Science on the Move”, which features interactive exhibits on lifestyles and nature around us. There are many activities for children such as creating roll and curl dolls, volcano in the bottle and dancing bubbles.
“The Ministry of Science and Technology and all parties are ready to offer scientific knowledge and technological advancements for all Thais. This would help stimulate and inspire youths to perceive science and technology as a vital lifelong foundation for the future when they grow up,” Weerapong said.
National Science Week is an activity initiated by the ministry to honour King Mongkut as the Father of Science in Thailand and His Majesty the King as the Father of Technology and Innovations in Thailand.
Since this is the International Year of Water Cooperation, as declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, the fair will host various exhibitions and activities related to water, which is the largest such event of the year for Thailand and Asia.
What’s on
New presentation and multimedia technologies will be applied to 4D exhibitions to amaze, excite and entertain visitors:
_ Exhibition Zone to honour King Mongkut, His Majesty the King and the Royal Family;
_ Exhibition Zone for Future Energy, which highlights live action theatre with “Joining Forces to Fight the Global Energy Crisis”;
_ Exhibition Zone on Global Climate Change, which highlights global mapping to show continuous climate changes and an interactive game to eliminate gas to save the world;
_ Exhibition Zone on “Food Crisis”, which highlights the simulation of technology for pig farms and closed chicken farms as well as technology showcases to increase productivity;
_ Exhibition on Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies, which highlights existing and new diseases;
_ Exhibition on Local Wisdom to Innovative Water Management, which highlights the journey of water in a 4D simulator to show audiences the origin of water to oceans;
_ Exhibition on Information Technology, which presents the buoys warning of tsunamis, which is one of the technologies to monitor the source of disasters to prevent damage;
_ Exhibition on Industrial Technology, such as car mapping, which shows car components related to five key industries – rubber, textile, electronics, plastics and metal.