Is it time for home networks to be upgraded?

Tech January 28, 2014 00:00

By Tang Boon Ping

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Tonnes of people are working from home during the Bangkok Shutdown. Is it a time for home networks to be upgraded?

The Bangkok Shutdown by anti-government protesters is a replay of the 2011 flood disaster in Thailand, which affected most of its regions and more than one million of its people.
 Most organisations were passive about crises, but not today. Companies are staying alert and well-prepared for unrest while keeping business operations going.
Many companies are allowing their employees to work from home, as traffic comes to a halt with protesters blocking the roads in the capital. 
Now the question, is your home network capable of maximising your productivity at home? Having just a wireless connection is simply not enough. With all these activities – like sending emails, video conferencing with colleagues, sharing presentations with customers, training online and printing wirelessly – you will need a good wireless router that can support your bandwidth usage. 
People are connecting more wireless devices to their home network, but they are not upgrading their router to meet their digital lifestyle and work-life balance needs. Upgrading the router not only enhances the performance of the wireless connection but also optimises the capabilities of the devices.
These days, priorities have changed. Internet access forms a core component to the day-to-day functioning of a home – used for business, helping with work, shopping for groceries, socialising with friends, colleagues and family or even entertainment. 
This year 14 million out of the 20 million households in Thailand can access the Internet, of which 9 million use wireless broadband and 4 million wired broadband. 
It is our responsibility as members of this fast-paced market to educate our partners and customers about the world of possibilities an integrated, smart and truly connected home can bring. More importantly, to inform them of the considerable advantages of upgrading to a smart router and placing it at the centre of the home network set-up.
The days of dial-up or wired connections are long over and with it comes the convenience of Wi-Fi flexibility, performance and robust connectivity. A smart router spreads your valuable Internet connection far and wide, providing access throughout the home to the plethora of smart devices. 
Besides better Wi-Fi coverage, smart routers are easier to grasp for consumers transforming the scary black box into a device that is understandable and easy to interact with. Smart routers give consumers the option to flex parental control or prioritise bandwidth to specific devices at any time and from anywhere. Add to that the ability to easily connect more Internet-enabled devices seamlessly through a mobile app, and consumers can create a truly connected home.
What many of us are sorely missing in our home today is a home network with comprehensive reach – no dead spots – and reliable connections. 
As the home of today moves to the connected home of tomorrow, we need a central hub – a brain of the house, in a sense – to manage our lives on the Web. The router you choose is your home’s brain. When choosing your router, keep the current and future needs of your family or small business in mind.
Tang Boon Ping is a director of Linksys and Belkin in Asia.