Tech June 19, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Online notes platform aims to have 100 million users worldwide in next 18 months


The four-year online notes platform, Evernote, is expanding to Southeast Asia and is looking for local partners to help Evernote get exposure in the Thai market this year.
Evernote’s vice president of international operations, Dmitry Stavisky, said the company aims to have 100 million users worldwide in the next year and a half, and it is reaching out to Asia and Southeast Asia as part of a strategy to reach the goal. 
“Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing areas for us. Currently, Evernote supports several languages in Southeast Asia – Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malaysian. Globally, Evernote supports 18 languages,” said Stavisky.
Currently, there are more than 32 million users around the world. In Asia, about 13 per cent of total users are in Japan, 5 per cent in China, 3 per cent in Korea and Southeast Asia, 2 per cent in India, and 1 per cent in Taiwan. In Thailand, there are about 200,000 users. 
“The US and Japan are the big markets for Evernote. We already have set up an office in Tokyo for a couple of years. We just opened an office in China early this year. In China, we have the whole team and a data centre as well. We also have small offices in Taiwan and Korea,” said Stavisky.
It plans to open an office in Singapore within this year so it could serve as the centre overseeing the market in Southeast Asia.
“We are a small company with 190 people worldwide, most of them developers, designers and product managers. Since our revenue does not come from advertising, we do not need sales and marketing personnel. Our market approach is to develop the best product to satisfy users. Once they use them, and like them, they are likely to pay for using premium services. 
He added that the company’s revenue comes from the freemium model for which users pay US$45 (Bt1,400) per year or $5 per month to use premium with extra features. Currently, 6 per cent of total users use the freemium service. It aims to have about 5-10 per cent of total users subscribe to the freemium services. 
“We want everyone to use Evernote. We do not want to heavily increase the portion of freemium users, and instead want to maintain the number of freemium users at about 5-10 per cent of total revenue. This is enough revenue for us to maintain the product’s features,” said Stavisky.
He added that the company will soon start working on its marketing in Thailand. The company’s approach will be product-centric, focused on explaining to users the product’s features. 
“We will educate users on what Evernote will do for them and how to use Evernote better. Evernote’s name has been spread by word of mouth of our users rather than through marketing,” said Stavisky.
He added that the company plans in the next 6 to 12 moths to have conferences with users, developers, the press, and bloggers in Thailand to educate the market about Evernote. 
Stavisky said that Evernote is not just a service but a platform. The company provides application programming interface (API). There are more than 10,000 developers using API and several 100 applications and devices available in Evernote’s Trunk. 
“Evernote lets users take notes, sync files across your devices, save Web pages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas with friends and colleagues,” said Stavisky.