Canon aims to be No 1 in Thailand

Tech August 14, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Canon Marketing (Thailand) announced its first mirror-less camera in the Thai market and aims to be the market leader by next year.


Wataru Nishioka, president and chief executive officer of Canon Marketing (Thailand), said the company aims to be market leader in the mirror-less market by next year with the sale volumes of 3,000 units per month. 
“Even though we launched the mirror-less camera after our competitors, with almost two years spent in research and development we have learnt from the failures of the others and added better features into our mirror-less camera. We are confident of becoming the market leader by next year,” said Nishioka.
He added that to be the market leader, Canon aims to have 30-35 per cent of market share in 2013. The first mirror-less camera, the Canon EOS M, will be available October onwards. It aims to sell about 2,000 units per month during the last quarter of the year.
Potential customers of Canon EOS M are both those who are now using digital compact camera and DSRL camera. 
“Digital compact camera users, who need more features and quality of photos, are likely to buy the mirror-less camera, which comes with high quality and is small and light weight. Meanwhile, for DSRL camera users who need a camera with high functions but is easy to carry, mirror-less is the choice,” said the president and CEO.
Apart from the Canon EOS M, the company yesterday also launched its latest DSRL camera, the Canon EOS 650D, with the aim to maintain its leading market share in the DSRL market. It aims to have 65 per cent of market share in DSRL by the end of this year. 
Canon Thailand this year aims to have Bt11.1 billion in revenue. About Bt6.5 billion will come from image communication products that include digital cameras. 
“The overall revenue of Bt 11.1 billion is a 28-per-cent growth from last year, while Bt6.5 billion is a 41-per-cent growth from last year. This year, we will maintain our market leader position in the DSRL market and become market leader in the mirror-less market,” said Nishioka.
Warin Tantipongpanish, senior director for Consumer Imaging and Information Division, Canon Marketing (Thailand), said the company will spend Bt150 million to Bt160 million as marketing budget to promote all Canon digital cameras – DSRL, mirror-less, and digital compact. 
“This year, we will have eight DSRL models, 12 models for digital compact, and only one model for mirror-less camera,” said Warin.
He said that of the total market for digital cameras in Thailand this year, DSRL is expected to be about 135,000 units, a 25-per-cent growth, while the digital compact-camera market is expected to be about 1.3 million units, a 7-10 per cent drop from last year.
“Mirror-less camera is a part of the DSRL segment. Within the DSRL market segment, the proportion between DSRL and mirror-less camera is about 80:20 and Canon’s proportion is the same as the total market,” said Warin.
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