Tech June 26, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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EMC sees growth opportunity for the backup industry in Thailand because survey results reveal that more Thai businesses are planning to invest in backup technology to prevent data loss.


According to the Disaster Recovery Survey 2012: Southeast Asia, which interviewed 250 IT decision-makers in Thailand, both in the private and public sectors with more than 250 employees, about 75 per cent are planning to increase spending on backup and recovery; 56 per cent are reviewing backup and recovery plans; and 52 per cent are more concerned about digital security.
Shane Moore, director of product marketing for Backup & Recovery System Division, EMC Asia Pacific, said that this is an opportunity for EMC to serve the market’s needs and requirements with the latest backup technology and help them reduce data loss and have a better data-recovery system.
The survey also studied four other countries in Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore – using the same methodology. 
Currently, the spending on IT backup and recovery in Thailand is still small compared to countries in Southeast Asia. The survey shows that organisations in Thailand are likely to spend at least 10 per cent of their IT budget on IT systems backup and recovery.
Organisations in Thailand are less likely to not know how much of their IT budget they are spending on IT systems backup and recovery than organisations across Southeast Asia.
“This is our job to help educate them on the importance of the backup system and how it can save cost and reduce risk from data loss,” said Moore.
Of the organisations surveyed in Thailand, the average domestic annual revenue is US$848 million. On average, Thai organisations reported that their IT budget is 13.60 per cent of domestic annual revenue, which amounts $115 million. An average 11.93 per cent of the IT budget is spent on IT systems backup and recovery, amounting to $14 million.
Organisations based in Thailand were more likely to suffer data loss and systems downtime during the past year compared to organisations across Southeast Asia. The most commonly reported cause of data loss and systems downtime in Thailand and across the region is hardware failure.
According to the survey, the main causes of data loss and systems downtime included hardware failure, data corruption, and software failure. The consequence of data loss and systems downtime in Thailand is a loss of revenue, delay in product and service development, loss of new business opportunity, and loss of customers.
However, organisations in Thailand are more likely to increase their spending following data loss and systems downtime than organisations across Southeast Asia. 
Thai organisations are as likely to want to move away from using tapes for backup, which are more likely to be deduplicate. The most reported barrier to deduplicating backups in Thailand is network capacity. Therefore, they are less likely to be confident that they can fully recover their systems and data.
However, Thai businesses are more likely to increase spending following greater data loss compared to other organisations across Southeast Asia.
“EMC this year is focused on the Thai market and Southeast Asia. The Thai market is very important for us as it has a lot of potential,” said Moore.