Tech June 26, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Shopping at Chatuchak Market, the most popular weekend market in Bangkok, will be easy and fun even for people not familiar with the market, especially tourists, thanks to the JJ App developed by a newly set-up local software company called Appsphere Grou


Appsphere Group is a mobile software development company that specialises in smart phone and smart device application and solution development. The company provides development services to businesses that are interested in planning and deploying smart-device-based applications and solutions. It has also been launching its proprietary applications and technology. One of them is JJ App.
Appsphere Group’s chief executive officer, Sean Choi, said that JJ App contains shop information, map, directory, shopping memo feature and a lot more, and is currently the No 1 app in the Lifestyle category and No 9 overall in Thailand. It is basically the most popular app besides games.
He added that JJ App is designed to be of assistance to shoppers at Chatuchak Market. It is aimed to have a couple of thousands of downloads by the end of this year, both for iOS and Android platforms. Now, it is only available on iOS; it will be available on Android soon.
Choi said that with the JJ App, you can find all shops in this market plus shop details, promotions and location map.
“There are about 500,000 shoppers, both Thais and foreigners, visiting Chatuchak Market each week. If they have this app, they will not get lost anymore,” said Choi.
He said for end-users, this app also provides them other helping tools like shopping list, my favourite shop and share tool. 
Choi said that JJ App has been available for three months, and there have been about 30,000 downloads. It is a free application for users and for merchants at JJ Market. Merchants can use the standard features free of charge, but if they require more features such as promotions and extra information they will be required to pay the standard monthly fee of Bt500. 
“There are 8,000 to 10,000 shops at JJ Market; we hope that in the next 6-10 months we’ll have 30 per cent on board with this application,” said Choi.
The standard features that merchants can have free use of JJ App include shop names list, product information, discount, promotion, map of the shop, and so on.
“Our revenue comes from the monthly fee charge and from sponsors or advertisers,” said Choi.
He added that other than apps, the company plans to launch an app platform where businesses can easily build their app at an affordable price in the near future. 
“We also plan to launch 2-3 more apps and app ‘products’ in the second half of this year,” said Choi.