AIS acts as a business hub for startups

Tech March 25, 2014 00:00

By Pairoj Waiwanijchakij

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To date, the pace of innovative startups shows no sign of slowing down, but proving increasingly attractive. Not limited in Silicon Valley, the trend has eventually fascinated several emerging companies to captivate markets with spectacular momentum and n

In Thailand, startup culture has been quickly evolved since the introduction of AIS Startup Weekend in 2011, following by the launch of AIS The StartUp ( in a year later. Continuingly, 2014 is off to a great start, taking up with compound growth in commercialization and investment. Nevertheless, following such a trend isn’t necessarily to be a sole factor in startup success, especially in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace. 
Startup challenges still remind, such as the creation of result-oriented business model as well as the redundancy of startups’ branding and design. Undoubtedly, those challenges have an effect on startup achievement. And, it is interesting to watch out how many the outstanding shaping up and partaking in this year. 
Along with the growth of startup trend, the increased consumption of mobile internet is becoming a major demand driver in 2014. The use of mobile applications is escalating. Statistically, smart phone penetration in Thailand reaches 25 per cent, approximately. And, more than 70 per cent of developers monetized their apps last year.
Meanwhile, operators are seeking for killer ideas towards innovation and digital content. In addition to 250 existing content partners, AIS is aware of other business potentials from over hundreds of talents who can initiate fantastic ideas but little chance of constructing a scalable and sustainable business. Such a case, we position ourselves as a business hub to shape up their ideas into proficient business practices. 
AIS have acted upon the digital trends. This year, quality over quantity is expected with a more to focus. In action, we narrow the scope and begin establishing a vital capability into three distinct categories in order to enhance different natures of startup businesses.
Firstly, the corporate solution category aims on B2B market that provides corporate supportive software or platform boosting the performance of an enterprise. Secondly, the category of online and digital content suits for startups with a solid clear business model to present digital product/service broadcasting over digital devices, like smart TV, smart phone, PC, and so on. And newly introduced in this year, the social business category focuses on improving life of people in society. The category matches a company that creates software with the first priority to sustain social value and subsequently apply commercial strategies to generate modest profit. 
Securing suitability of startup business, AIS The StartUp has recently announced the new theme titled as “AIS The StartUP 2014 Growing with Partnership”. Exciting opportunities are offered to all creative-minded entrepreneurs, innovative inventors and visionary businessmen. 
Pairoj Waiwanijchakij is vice president for Value Added Services at AIS.