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By Khetsirin Pholdhampalit

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A local accessories shop offers cool panniers and stylish bags for your bike

THE CRAZE for cycling around Bangkok’s streets is only a few years old but Europeans have been pedalling for work for much, much longer, many of them with a bag strapped to their bikes that started life in Thailand. 
These practical yet attractive accessories have been produced by the family-run firm Vincita for more than two decades for a range of European markets, among them Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.
Established as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) back in 1987 to supply the international market, Vincita has prospered over the years and continues to do so today thanks to the increasing interest of local buyers. It recently launched its very own brand to meet the demands of that same local market and offers a range of bags from transport bags for folding bikes, panniers and bags for handlebars, top tubes, frames, saddles and racks for both touring and commuting bikes.
“Today, the local market makes up about 40 per cent of our total orders while it was zero 20 years ago. With the European economies continuing to remain sluggish after the 2008 slowdown, we’ve been lucky to see a growing interest at home.
“And it’s not just Thailand. Bicycling is also gaining popularity in other Southeast Asian countries and we now have dealers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia,” says Vincita’s founder Yingsak Sinhaseni.
Yingsak worked in a bicycle tyre factory for many years before setting up his own tyre factory. Thailand is known for its expertise in the garment and haberdashery business and following requests from his foreign customers, he decided to shift to crafting bicycle bags. Soon, recognising the potential for growth, he set up Vincita.

His showroom on Ramkhamhaeng Road is lined with a wide range of bags that will fit just about every part of a bike. Most are made from water-repellent synthetic fibres and shutterbugs will love the handlebar bag with removable shoulder strap, compartment dividers, a pocket for the SD card and spare battery, zipped front pocket and raincover. 
For people on the go, Vincita has a two-wheeled bag designed to fit the most popular folding bike Brompton, which is secure enough to travel as checked-in luggage. It weighs just 2.5 kilograms and comes with handgrips and concealed shoulder straps. This transport bag is best paired with a 
 three-pocket travelling bag that can be packed with personal belongings and clothes and goes on top of the folded bike. The package is designed to fill the Brompton transport bag for added protection when used as a checked-in luggage.
Vincita does a roaring trade with its single pannier that can hold an iPad and laptop as well as the double pannier with padded compartment for personal belongings for an overnight trip. The triple panniers with four extra side pockets are perfect for touring and the top bag can hold a helmet and also be used as a backpack. There are also various models of saddlebags that attach under the saddle with straps and have room for a tool kit, spare inner tube, first-aid kit, wallet, cell phone and camera. 
Yingsak’s daughter Pasarapa, who graduated in bag and footwear design from Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy, is assisting her father in expanding the stylish Urban Adventure line. Attractively designed in water-resist
 ant fabric with a leather trim, the most popular item is the single pannier that can be used as a backpack with padded and concealed shoulder straps for use off the bike and a main compartment with removable laptop sleeve. 
Ideal for working and travelling, one side of the double pannier has a padded laptop sleeve and enough space for documents while the other side can hold clothes and shoes. The top tube bag boasts two wallet-sized compartments and an individual cell phone pocket. It is also functions as a waist pack, allowing you to take a walk without worries. 
Apart from its own products, Vincita also offers imported accessories like saddles, hand grips, brass bells, front and rear carriers and a seatpost carrier with side bars and reflective pad with LED.
“As the folding bicycle is gaining popularity and people are always on the go, we’re planning to offer the travel bags in various sizes that will be convenient both for travel by car or air,” says Pasarapa.
>>Vincita is on Ramkhamhaeng Road (between Ramkhamhaeng Sois 187 and 187/1). It is open Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5.30 and until 4pm on Saturday. 
>>Call (02) 540 8080 or visit