TrueVisions woos football fans in the country with special offer

sports July 24, 2012 00:00

By Jintana Panyaarvudh
The Natio

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TrueVisions yesterday launched a special package to draw football fans and promised to show up to 190 live matches

The package is called Super Sports Pack. At Bt650 monthly, subscribers will be able to watch 74 standard channels (True Knowledge package), Golf Channel, plus four HD channels (Reality HD, TNN24 HD, HD Show Case, and True Sport HD2). EPL matches for this package will be broadcast on True Sport HD2, True Sport 2, Special Sport, and Channel 10.

Among EPL big matches, five Big-Fours matches – Liverpool vs Manchester United; Arsenal vs Chelsea; Liverpool vs Manchester City; Liverpool vs Arsenal, and Manchester City vs Arsenal – will be on the list of the package. Apart from the live 190 matches, another 190 matches will be rerun. 
Ong-art Prapakamol, chief commercial officer, TrueVisions, said the package is aimed at the middle segment. 
“I think the HD channel [in this package] will be a chance for middle-class customers to get access to our high technology broadcast,” he said. 
Ong-art said the new package will not affect Gold and Platinum subscribers, who have more variety of content as well as more channels. The new package doesn’t include broadcast of Uefa Champions League (UCL) and Europa League. 
The company expects to get 50,000 subscribers for the new package within a few months, Anat Mekpaiboonvatana, managing director of TrueVisions, said. 
Meanwhile, up to 59 matches of EPL, UCL, and Europa League in the upcoming season, which all are licensed to TrueVisions, will be broadcast on free TV channels 3, 5 and 9. The matches allocated for free TV will be 17 EPL matches, including some Big-Four matches, 22 matches of UCL, and 20 of Europa League. All will start next month.
Ong-art said TrueVisions will not block any of the matches. All the allocated matches on free TV can be viewed on every platform as long as the providers can encrypt the signals to prevent them from spilling over to neighbouring countries, which will be illegal, he said. 
Subscribers of TrueVisions and PSI satellite in June had to put up with blank screens during Euro 2012 due to a signal blockade by GMM Grammy, the rights holder of the European tournament. 
Contact TrueVisions Care at No 02-7257000 for further information.