An official report by a government-appointed investigative team released by the National Reconciliation Commission on Sunday has confirmed a number of suspicions and allegations regarding the crackdown on protesters outside Narathiwat’s Tak Bai police station last October.

The report also points the finger at certain senior military officers, including the then Fourth Army Region commander General Pisarn Wattanawongkiri. The fact-finding committee and its four sub-committees have compiled a report with four sections: the introduction, the facts regarding the Tak Bai demonstration, the points of consideration... (read more)

Report by a government fact-finding team released by the National Reconciliation Commission April 20, 2004 - a group of 20 instigators met at the home of Hama Saleh in Pattani’s Khok Pho district to plan the attack on a military post near the Krue Se Mosque.

- Key instigators included Isma-ae “Ustaz Soh” Rayarong, Samaae Lateh, Sakariya Yusoh, Abdulroha Sama and Mana “Baeka” Madiyoh.

- Hama, Samaae and Sakariya were among the militants killed inside the mosque. Abdulroha was killed near Mae Lan police station in Pattani. Mana was arrested in Yala. (
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