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Yingluck's statement announcing House dissolution

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday morning held a press conference at the Royal Thai Police headquarters and announced she had decided to dissolve the Lower House.

During the press conference she sometimes had tears in her eyes and a trembling voice. However, after finishing her address, she smiled.

Below is her statement:

After holding discussions with all sectors, I have decided to seek Royal approval to dissolve the House for the following reasons:

1. House dissolution is a normal practice in a democratic system adopted by many countries, including Thailand, as seen in every Constitution. The country has resorted to House dissolution many times - such as in 1996, 2000, 2006 and 2011.

2. The government, which took office on August 23, 2011, carried out many important tasks in light of the massive floods and in the aftermath of the world economic crisis. It has been trying to bring about national reconciliation and restore foreign investor confidence. However, political conflicts continue, even though the government has been trying to present solutions such as amending the charter, launching political-reform forums and a public referendum. Although some groups rejected the solutions, the government was ready to take up their opinion, but they resorted to holding street protests. The government has managed the protests in a conciliatory and amiable manner with respect to the protesters' basic rights, as the government does not want any more loss of life.

3. [As] the government does not wish to see political conflict escalate into national division and violence, returning power to the people by dissolving the House and calling a general election is a democratic and acceptable recourse. Let a majority of the people decide the direction and who they want to run the country.

The government would like to invite all political parties with differing opinions to present their solutions to the people through election campaigns. Once the House is dissolved, the Cabinet is automatically removed from its post but will continue to carry out its duties until the new Cabinet is appointed.

The government will discuss with the Election Commission and decide on the day a general election is to be held, as soon as possible.

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