Yingluck slammed for disseminating "hate speech"

national February 19, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra's televised statement on Tuesday, in which she blamed protesters as being at the core of the controversial rice-pledging problems, has caused a misunderstanding, stigmatised and slandered others, said a member of the Acad

Yingluck is the real disseminator of hate speech, as she made the protesters out as the villains for causing the national crisis and rice farmers' problems while branding the government as good,” Time Chuastapanasiri told Isara News Agency online.

Her speech distorted the facts, told lies and slandered others by changing the responsibility for the mistakes on others. She also made herself a target by implying that the protesters are the enemy of farmers, the country and democracy and the elected government, he said.

Her speech reflected discrimination by conveying the message that those who did not support farmers (in their attempts to get payment from the scheme) are not sympathetic towards the farmers and did not support the government who was helping them.

She also took the protesters hostage by saying that she could not settle the problems because they (the protesters) were blocking her good intention to help the farmers and that the protesters systematically organised the rally to topple the government.

Yingluck made the speech as armed police were preparing to crackdown on the protesters, Time said, and what she said clearly showed that the violence that was going to happen was necessary.

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