Whistle blower appears unusually rich: Democrat MP

national July 04, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Graft whistle blower Ruangkrai Leekitwattana appears unusually rich, having amassed Bt34 million in three years, Democrat MP Sathit Pitutecha said on Wednesday.


Sathit was speaking after petitioning the National Anti Corruption Commission to check the asset statement filed by Ruangkrai in his capacity as a former senator.
“Ruangkrai often crusades against corruption and abuse of power even though his wealth is very suspicious,” Sathit said.
In three years serving as senator, Ruangkrai’s net worth grew by leaps and bounds and his minor son had accumulated more than Bt3 million in cash and treasury bonds, he said.
Before assuming office, Ruangkrai had Bt120 million in assets but exited with Bt154 million. His two suspicious bank accounts grew from Bt400,000 to Bt7.6 million and from Bt62,000 to Bt1.7 million respectively. His saving bonds doubled from Bt33 million to Bt66 million.

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