US ambassador to remain in post until later this year

national February 24, 2014 00:00

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US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney on Monday dismissed as untrue rumours that she was to be reassigned to South Korea.

Kenney was answering questions posted to her Twitter account, @KristieKenney, regarding unconfirmed reports that she would send be completing her term in Thailand soon and would be replaced James Zumwalt, deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs.

Rumours had gone viral on the social network, some of them saying she was being abruptly removed from the position due to her alleged intervention in the political tensions in Thailand.

Anti-government protesters earlier rallied in front of the embassy and called on the US government to transfer her as she always sided with the government.
Meanwhile the US embassy tweeted, “US ambassador Kristie Kenney won’t be leaving her posting until later this year and remains very focused on her responsibilities in Thailand.”
The next US ambassador to Thailand has not yet been nominated by the US President or confirmed by the US Senate, the tweet read.

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