Petition filed to delay compensation pending judicial review

national January 17, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Multicolour-shirt leader Tul Sithisomwong on Tuesday filed a petition calling for the government to delay paying compensation to the red shirts until the completion of the judicial review as to whether their rallies were legal.


“The government must stop doling out tax payers’ money to the red shirts,” he said. Tul said in his view, the red-shirt rallies were not lawful under the terms of the Constitution. A number of rally organisers were still facing terrorism and related charges in connection with the last year’s disturbances, he added.
The government should await the outcome of judicial decisions on a myriad of cases involving the red shirts before reviewing whether compensation should be paid, he said.
Should the government fail to heed his petition, he would initiate a court battle to block the payments, he said.

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