Transgender woman wins provincial election for the first time

national May 28, 2012 00:00

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A transgender who ran for a local political position in Nan province on Monday became the first transgender to win a seat.


Yonlada or Nok, whose real name is Kirkkong Suanyos, received 3,808 votes while her rival candidate; Pawat Settayawong got 3,659 votes.
Yonlada’s decision to run for the position made the news, as she is the first transgender to ever seek to enter political field. She is the president of Trans Female Association of Thailand and a PhD candidate who runs a satellite TV station and has her own jewellery business.
Nok is well known as an activist who has fought for transvestites’ rights for many years. She was a member of the transgender pop group Venus Flytrap and was known as Posh Venus.
Yonlada earlier said that she wanted to be a representative of transvestites and homosexuals to carry their demands to the Parliament. This is the first time a transgender has applied to and won an election.