Timeframe for election will depend on situation: Prayuth

national May 26, 2014 00:00

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Military junta chief Gen Prayuth Chanocha on Monday said a national election will be organised as soon as possible in Thailand but no timeframe could be set as this would depend on the situation

Prayuth was speaking at his first press conference after receiving royal endorsement as chief of the National Council for Peace and Order

He emphasised his full power to rule and called on the public to understand the military's sincerity They will do their best to solve problems as soon as possible

“I’m not here to fight but to fix But I will do anything (in order to fix),” he said, excusing the tough measures but stressing they were necessary

“The less you allow me to speak, the more I’ll be able to work Please be calm and patient, like you have always been Crisis has plagued the country for nine years now,” he said

He vowed to ease the drastic measures when the situation improved but said the curfew was still needed

Prayuth also called on the media not to amplify conflicts

Referring to the summons of political figures, he said none of those asked to report were suffering though their accommodation demonstrated to them how soldiers live


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