Three jailed for 2010 attack on Bhum Jai Thai office

national September 16, 2013 00:00

By Kesinee Taengkhiao
The Nation

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The Criminal Court on Monday jailed three members of the redshirt political movement for six years and eight months for bombing the Bhum Jai Thai Party headquarters in Bangkok's Chatuchak district in June 2010.

Detpol Phuttachong, Kampol Kamkong and Kobchai Bunplod were sentenced to 10 years for producing explosive devices, possessing explosives, carrying them to a public place without permission and carrying out the bomb attack. The court reduced the terms to six years and eight months on grounds that they provided testimony useful to the trial.

The court said the three men conspired with Anek Singkuntod to push a fruit cart concealing a homemade bomb, which was made from a gas tank, to the back of the Bhum Jai Thai Party’s building near Paholyothin Soi 43.
The bomb damaged the building, a food shop and a car and left Anek blinded. The Appeals Court earlier reduced the 35year jail term handed down to Anek by a lower court to five years on grounds that he confessed to the crime.
The court also sentenced Suriya Pumwong to three years and four months in jail for assembling an explosive device. Another defendant, Warisriya Bunsom, was acquitted but remained in detention pending an appeal by prosecutors.

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