Thai PBS attacked for telecast of Tobjot final programme

national March 20, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Demonstrators rallied outside the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) Wednesday, demanding resignation of the station's management that allowed the airing of the fifth and last episode of the Tobjot programme which debated the Thai monarchy.

Calling themselves “People who cannot tolerate “, 100 people led by a woman calling herself “Black Coffee” called on Thai PBS director Somchai Suwannaban to resign and take responsibility for broadcasting the last episode which she claimed caused many Thais to get upset by the show’s content.

They demanded the Thai PBS management apologise to the whole country and threatened to take legal action if their demands were not met.
The group claimed to be the same that had earlier successfully called for suspension of the last episode of the programme that was to have aired on Friday. They said they disapproved of the programme on the grounds its content implicated the much-revered high institution and would result in political conflict and national division.
The group said the programme was liable for violating Article 37 of the Broadcasting and Television Act 2008 which bans content viewed as an attempt to bring down the country’s constitutional monarchy or has content that adversely affects national security.