'Terror' suspects face military court

national June 01, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Twenty-two suspects arrested while allegedly planning an attack were yesterday brought from Khon Kaen Police Station to the 23rd Military Circle Command to be tried in a military court, Sri Patcharin camp, in Khon Kaen.

The suspects were arrested on May 23 at an apartment in Khon Kaen while allegedly planning a “terror” attack in the province. The 21 men and one woman were charged with violating martial law, possession heavy arms and terrorism.
The suspects had reportedly confessed to planning an attack on the orders of red-shirt leaders. Six additional suspects were arrested after police interrogated the 22 suspects, who also were to take part in the planned attack.
The six suspects are in custody and being investigated by military officials from the 8th Infantry Division. Police will take over the investigation after the seven-day detention period under martial law is completed.
Police can detain the suspects for a maximum of 48 days for investigation and must request the court’s permission to detain them after every 12 days. As they were charged with security offences, they will also be tried in military court.