Suthep vows to surrender by May 27 if not winning

national May 17, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Suthep Thaugsuban, secretary general of the People's Democratic Reform Committee, announced Saturday if not enough people come out to join his rallies to pressure the 24 remaining ministers to resign by May 26, he will surrender to police on the following

He said if the people do not come out in the number of over one million to support his campaign, he would stop the fight on May 27.

He said he could not afford fighting longer than May 26 because the country has already suffered severely.

Suthep said the latest round of fight will begin at 10 am this Sunday when he will summon state enterprises to a meeting to give them assignments for the latest round of fight.

At 2 pm on Sunday, he will invite retired permanent secretaries and department chiefs to a meeting to draft operation plans for various government agencies.

On Monday, the demonstrators will be dispatched to various ministries or residences of remaining ministers to demand them to submit their resignations.

Suthep said the people would hound the 24 remaining ministers wherever they go to demand them to resign. He would welcome tips from the public about the whereabouts of the ministers.

On Monday, he would encourage government officials, who are supporter of the PDRC, to rise up and refuse to carry out orders of the remaining ministers.

Suthep said he would convene a meeting of active permanent secretaries and department chiefs on Thursday to discuss how to eliminate the Thaksin’s regime.

Friday to Sunday on May 25 would see the people rise up to force the ministers to resign. But if the fight is not won by Monday May 26, he will stop it on May 27, Suthep concluded.


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