Suthep rallies at FM and central bank Thursday

national April 03, 2014 00:00

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Suthep Thaugsuban, secretary general of the People's Democratic Committee (PDRC) led his supporters to rally on Thursday at the Foreign Ministry and the Bank of Thailand.

At the ministry, Suthep spoke out against caretaker Foreign Minister Surapong Tohvichaikul’s plan to invite UN chief Ban KiMoon to step in to solve the current political crisis.

Suthep and the protesters travelled in a motorcade and arrived at the ministry at 10:30 am. He urged the ministry to allow him and nine other PDRC representatives to meet permanent secretary for foreign affairs Sihasak Puengketkaew and other senior officials to discuss the current political situation.
However ministry representatives told Suthep only a dozen officials came to the office to collect documents and that the permanent secretary was not at the ministry.
Suthep, a former Democrat Party MP, addressed the demonstrators from the sound truck at 11.50am, saying he had led the people to exchange opinions with Foreign Ministry officials.
“I have learnt that the officials were having a meeting at the Sukosol Hotel but I do not want to cause trouble to the hotel’s guests,” he said.
He said his intention was to discuss Surapong’s plan to invite the UN chief to step in to get involved in the political conflicts with the permanent secretary. 
Surapong would damage the country’s reputation by do doing, he said, stressing that the UN should not be allowed to get involved in Thailand’s domestic affairs.
Suthep’s procession left the ministry at 12:10pm and headed to the central bank. At the bank, Suthep was welcomed by the bank’s representatives before having lunch there. 

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