Sukhumbhand pledges support for the elderly

national January 29, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Democrat Party candidate MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra yesterday promised to provide better care for aged Bangkok residents if he is re-elected as the Bangkok governor.

Campaigning at the Bang Khun Thien Hospital for the Aged, Sukhumbhand said he built the hospital as a first step to providing comprehensive care for ageing Bangkok residents.

Sukhumbhand said in ten years, Thailand would have some 12- million aged people.
Apart from the Bang Khun Thien hospital, the city administration would build a shelter-ed accommodation on the 48-rai plot near the hospital so that it would be more convenient for the aged to receive medical treatment.
He said he would also upgrade 68 public health centres in Bangkok to provide doctors and nurses to take care of aged people.
Sukhumbhand said he would set up special service counters for the aged at all 50 Bangkok 
districts as well.
Pongsapat woos flat dwellers
Pheu Thai Party gubernatorial candidate Pongsapat Pongcharoen yesterday wooed support from residents of the old and massive Din Daeng flat buildings.
Pongsapat promised residents of the old housing project of the National Housing Authority that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration under his leadership would provide better care for the Din Daeng flat residents so they would have a better quality of life.
The BMA would cooperate with the NHA to ensure that there would be no drug problems in the flat area and would get rid of pests and solve garbage problem.
Pongsapat reiterated his plan to provide free bus services. He said he would reduce the size of buses to make them more mobile and would also restructure minibus services. He said he would ensure that buses for each route would be available every five minutes and about 30 per cent of the buses would pass major housing estates.
Candidates challenged on young drinkers
An anti-alcoholic drink activist yesterday called on Bangkok governor candidates to detail policies on how to protect the rising number of young drinkers.
Songkran Pakchokdee, the director of the Office of the Network against Alcohol Drink-ing, said none of the Bangkok governor candidates had talked about an anti-alcohol consumption policy.
Songkran said the candidates should pay attention to the problem of alcohol consumption because it was a major social problem and the cause of other problems, including crimes and sexual trouble and family violence.
Songkran said the candidates should propose policies on how to prevent alcohol shops from springing up around schools and universities. He said the drinkers who are younger than 20 have increased by 12 per cent – so the new Bangkok governor should tackle this problem.

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