Shots fired at the home of graft-buster Pramon

national February 16, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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The Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand has called on the caretaker government and the Department of Special Investigation to find out who was responsible for shots fired at the home of its chairman early yesterday.

Metropolitan Police Division 5 chief Maj Gen Suebsak Phansura said at least eight marks or holes caused by bullets were found on Pramon Sutivong’s house.
Suebsak said three spent bullets were found in a room on the second floor and two spent bullets were found in a neighbour’s yard in the Yen Akat area of Yan Nawa, Bangkok.
He said the gunfire caused damage to Pramon’s study and his son’s bedroom, but nobody was in the rooms at the time. 
The shots likely came from outside the home’s front fence, meaning the intention was to intimidate and not kill.
Pramon, who is also chairman of Toyota Motors Thailand and a director of Siam Cement Group, said he heard about a dozen gunshots at about 3am yesterday. 
While he said he had no conflict with anyone and had never been threatened, he suspected his role in fighting corruption could be the motivation for the attack. 
Pramon dismissed to be a financier for the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protest.
He said he was not discouraged by the attack and his orgnisation would continue its work.
In a statement, the anti-corruption body labelled the attack a threat to its work and called on the government and responsible agencies to quickly find the person or persons responsible for the attack to discourage similar incidents in the future.
Meanwhile, an M79 grenade was fired into a room on the seventh floor of the Criminal Court on Ratchadapisek Road at about 7.40pm on Friday. 
Chief Justice Thongchai Senamontri led forensic police to inspect the scene yesterday and found a glass window of a room smashed. 
He said the court would open as normal on Monday but the motivation behind the attack was unknown.
In Rayong, two grenades were thrown near a PDRC rally at about 10.10pm on Friday night, injuring four people.
Former Democrat MP for Rayong Banyat Chetanachan said the rally finished at about 10pm and most of the protesters had left. About 50 people, mostly staff, remained. 
It is believed the bombs were thrown at the stage from a passing vehicle but exploded in the car park.Banyat said the four people received treatment for minor injuries and went home.

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