Senate set to vote on a new president next week

national August 07, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Members of the Senate will vote for a new president next Tuesday, but only nominees with backing from at least 10 senators will be allowed to run for the post.

Nikhom Vairatpanich, vice-president of the Senate, said senators could not nominate themselves and that each candidate would be given 10 minutes to speak about their vision for the Senate before votes are cast. Additional rounds of voting would be held should two or more candidates win the same number of votes.

So far, five contenders have emerged with appointed Senator Pichaet Sunthornpipit leading the pack.
Meanwhile, Senator Kamnoon Sitthisamarn has called on Nikhom to quit from his post as vice president now if he wishes to run for the top post so his replacement can be elected on the same day. Kamnoon said he believed this would set a good standard. 
However, the Senate appears to be divided over this issue and Nikhom has said that he is not sure if he would be nominated for the presidency. He said he would make a decision on the day of the ballot and called on fellow senators not to pressure him. 
“Can you give me the right [to consider]? Give me a chance and do not pressure me ... I have devoted myself to the House. I am a sportsman and will not make demands, but please don’t pressure me,” Nikhom said. 

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