Satellite channels ordered to close

national May 20, 2014 00:00

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At least 10 cable and satellite TV stations including the antigovernment BlueSky and progovernment Asia updates have been ordered to halt broadcasting pending further notice, according to the military's 6th announcement.

In order to stop the spread of false information, the cable and satellite networks must cease their operations to maintain law and order in the kingdom, it said.

The networks that have been shut down are ASTV, MV5, DNN, Asia Update, Bluesky, UDD, P&P, FourChannel, MFTV and Tnews.

The announcement came after the military invoked the martial law in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Army Commander in Chief Gen Prayuth Chanocha set up a peacekeeping command under the martial law, appointing himself as director.

The media networks have been used for political purposes by conflicting parties in the country over the past months. Illegal radio networks also ceased operations in accordance with the order.


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