Royalist alleges lese majeste, vows to fight opponents

national April 21, 2014 00:00

By Kornchanok Raksaseri
The Nati

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The founder of a royalist organisation says he will fight people who threatened him and his family.

Bangkok’s Mongkut Wattana Hospital director Maj-General Rienthong Nanna set up an “organisation to eradicate the rubbish of the nation” and to establish a network to fight against people who “insult the monarchy”.
On the weekend, Rienthong posted on Facebook that a group of armed men in three vehicles drove around his house despite there being a police booth in front of his soi.
“Many of you claimed [the constitutional right of] freedom of expression and did lese majeste,” he wrote.
“After I announced I would fight you, then you armed yourself and came in three vehicles to threaten me and my family.
“Is this what you mean by democratic freedom? If so, I will use the ‘democracy’ I saw in front of my house in the same way, and I’ll see if you can accept it.”
Rienthong, who is cautious when giving media interviews, later posted: “I’ll let you know now I know that you, the lese majeste people, have the armed allies to show the power before me and my family.
“[But] I can tell you this time I won’t allow the armed group to repeat what they did on April 10, 2010, when they shot General Romklao Thuvatham and junior soldiers.”
As of yesterday afternoon, the organisation’s Facebook page – launched on Wednesday – had received over 111,000 “likes”.
On Friday, Rienthong asked his supporters to “get prepared” for a cyber war after receiving harsh criticism. 
Some people told others to report the page as a violation of Facebook’s terms of conditions. 
Rienthong wrote that his organisation only wanted the violators of lese majeste to face lawsuits in accordance with the law, and it did not instigate violence. 
He told supporters to help attract likes for the page and report the organisation’s opponents.

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