Red shirts not to rally at high court

national July 03, 2012 00:00

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The red shirts will not rally on Thursday and Friday to coincide with the Constitution Court's inquiry on the charter amendment bill, Deputy Agriculture Minister Natthawut Saikua said on Tuesday. "The red shirts will not pressure the court," he said.


Natthawut said he believed the majority of the people backed the government in pushing for charter change.
To defend the rewriting of the charter, the relevant parties would outline factual evidence that the proposed charter amendments were within the legal limits and in accordance with the government’s pledge in Parliament, he said.
If opponents tried to exercise the extra-constitutional power in order to oust the government, then the ongoing political crisis would be unsolvable, he said.
Should the high court hand down an unfavourable verdict, the government would fight for an overturn, he said, adding he believed such a verdict would backfire and rally even stronger support for the government.
He also said he was disappointed at seeing the same opponents, such as Kaewsun Atibodhi and Surapon Nitikraipot, on the list of witnesses to testify against charter change.