Public Health Society announces boycott of election

national January 31, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The Public Health Society Friday announced a boycott of the Sunday election.

The society is comprised of various clubs and agencies in the Public Health Ministry, four medical schools and seven medical organisations.
A statement from the health society said members of the society would perform civil disobedience by refusing to exercise their voting right.
“February 2 will be another day when health professions will express their civil disobedience by not going to vote and not endorsing the legitimacy of this stubborn government,” the statement said.
It said the members of the health society would rather decline to exercise their voting right than to allow the government to cite their right for legitimacy to perpetuate its power.
The society also issued an open letter, which said the society decided to boycott the election because it supported political reform before the election.
Meanwhile, another group of doctors announced that it would hold a ceremony to light candles for peace and to show support for the election. The ceremony would be held in front of the Office of Permanent Secretary for Public Health at 8pm on Friday.

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