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national August 06, 2014 01:00

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Abhisit and Pheu Thai man agree parties, agencies should stay out of reform council

Representatives from political parties and independent organisations as well as other political players should not join the National Reform Council, Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has said on Facebook.
Aumnuay Khlangpha, former chief government whip from the Pheu Thai Party, also opposed any representatives from the Election Commission sitting on the reform council or the Constitution Drafting Committee.
Abhisit called on the National Reform Council, whose members will be selected soon, to avoid conflicts of interest.
“The most prominent role of the National Reform Council is to consider and approve the new constitution, which will be the supreme law of the land. 
“Political parties will be the players [under the new rules], so political parties as well as other players including independent agencies should not be in the position to consider or approve the rules that will affect their interests,” he wrote. 
The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will select the 250 councillors from provincial representatives and the nominees of legal entities. 
The Democrats have submitted their suggestions and a report of their studies to the forums of the Reform Now Network and other reform groups as well as a military working group, Abhisit wrote. 
They would cooperate with the National Reform Council and other organisations taking part in national reform, he wrote. 
“I can understand having bureaucrats doubling up during these not-so-normal circumstances. But I hope that the appointment of the Cabinet members and the role of the National Reform Council after national reform will be strictly based on the ‘no conflict of interest’ principle,” he said. 
Aumnuay said all registered political parties should get one seat on the National Reform Council rather than nominate candidates for the NCPO to select. 
“The EC’s duty is to organise free and fair elections. It should not be on the Constitution Drafting Committee or the National Reform Council. It should let the council and civic sector do the job,” he said. 
Wiboon Sanguanpong, permanent-secretary of the Interior Ministry, said that although the EC had not contacted the ministry for cooperation, he had instructed governors to take part in finding suitable members from their provinces. 
Agencies under the ministry can also nominate people, either staff or outsiders, he said.

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