Political mess is stressing people out

national April 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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An overwhelming majority of respondents of a new poll say the political situation is causing them stress.

Dusit Poll surveyed almost 1,392 people throughout the country between April 8-12 to find out what was causing them stress.
The highest number of the respondents, 97 per cent, said the political situation was causing them stress; 94 per cent said the economy was stressing them out; and 92 per cent pointed to social problems.
The main causes of the political stress are the prolonged protests (41 per cent), the poor conduct of politicians (36 per cent) and the political instability (22 per cent).
For economy, the high cost of living was the main stress factor (41 per cent) followed by low income and personal debt (31 per cent) and the economic recession and the globe’s low confidence in the Thai economy (28 per cent).
For social problems, the political conflict led the way (56 per cent) followed by the selfishness of people (25 per cent) and poor morality (18.5 per cent). 

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