Phra Buddha Issaras rallies at SC Park Hotel

national February 20, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Phra Buddha Issaras led protesters from the Government Complex rally site to Shinawatra 3 Building on Thursday.

The protesters travelled in eight buses and left the Government Complex at 7:30 am.
The monk told protesters not block the entrance and exit of the building and not to enter the building.
He announced that he had led the protesters to the building to see how the Shinawatra family had accumulated its wealth and he vowed to protest there until the family became poorer.
The monk travelled in a bullet-proof car and his security guards wore bullet-proof vests. They blocked people within a five-metre radius from reaching the monk.
Nearly all the protesters left the Chaeng Wattana rally site, leaving only a few to guard tents and kitchen facility.
At 11am, the monk’s convoy left the Shinawatra 3 Building for the SC Park Hotel. They reached the hotel at 11:45am.
The monk walked to the front gate of the hotel but he was not allowed to enter. He thus informed the hotel officials that he had booked 10 rooms and paid Bt4,200 deposit for the rooms. He showed the receipt to the hotel officials.
The monk also told hotel officials that he would rent the convention hall to hold a seminar.
Despite the receipt, hotel officials would not allow the monk to enter the hotel so his guards set a chair in front of the hotel for him to sit.
The monk also tried to rent all rooms of the hotel, but was still not allowed to enter the hotel.
At 1:30pm, the monk sought permission to use the hotel’s toilet as a guest who had paid for the room. He was permitted to enter the hotel by its general manager, Ekkawit Okweha.
Later on, the manager informed the monk that the hotel had to cease operations for the day because guests were frightened but the monk insisted on using the rooms he had booked.
After the manger insisted on denying him service. for the monk demanded compensation of Bt120,000 for the fuel cost of 40 vehicles worth Bt40,000 and the eight buses’ fuel cost worth Bt80,000.
After the hotel paid the cash, the monk also demanded the return of the Bt4,000 he had given for the deposit. Eventually, the manager paid the cash and the monk returned to the Government Complex.

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