Parking garage opposite Big C thought to be spot from where grenade fired

national February 26, 2014 00:00

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The M-79 grenade that hit an area in front of Big C Ratchdamri and killed three people on Sunday is believed to have been fired from the multi-storey car park of a department store across the street, a leading forensic expert said on Wednesday.

Dr Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan said a spot on the ninth floor of the parking building of the Palladium Department Store was the most suspicious spot as the shooter could clearly see the area below. The department store is opposite and slightly to the right of the supermarket.

“The spot in question is in the open air and about 400 metres from the spot where the grenade landed. Moreover fresh cigarette butts were found there,” she said.

The bomb attack on Sunday killed three people, two of them children and injured many others. None was taking part in the protest. 

Pornthip, who is the Inspector General for Justice Ministry, inspected the area with Senator Paiboon Nitiwan, the chairman of Senate sub-committee on corruption prevention and examination monitoring use of authority’s power and police. They inspected the areas from the seventh to tenth floors of the car park.

Forensic police were asked to examine the spot and collect the evidence to check whether the DNA matched that found on the lever of the grenade. It would be compared to other evidence collected in previous attacks including those that occurred during the 2010 political evidence.

Meanwhile Paiboon said the building appeared to be spot from which the grenade was fired as it matched the earlier police calculation that the grenade was fired from a building of no more than 10 storeys.


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