PDRC's mass rally as it unfolds

national March 29, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The People's Democratic Reform committee led by Suthep Thaugsuban stages a march from Lumpini Park to the Royal Plaza and Parliament Saturday to affirm its stand that reform must be done before the next election.

Here how the event unfolds:

8:30 am: Leaders on the rally stage of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee inside the Lumpini Park start organising protesters in to groups for the march.

9:40 am: Suthep Thaugsuban and his wife, Srisakul Promphan, arrive at the King Rama VI statue in front of the Lumpini Park.

9:47 am: Suthep and his wife pay respect to King Rama VI statue. Leaders urge protesters in front of the park start marching.

10:00 am: Suthep starts leading the main procession of protesters. The procession is divided  into six groups.

10:23 am: Suthep’s procession reaches the Rajprasong Intersection. Scenes from the Blue Sky channel show people crowd the intersection and the pedestrian flyovers around the area.

10:30 am: Suthep expresses his belief more than one million people have come out or will later join the mass rally.

10:37 am: Suthep’s procession passes the front of Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. Scenes from Blue Sky Channel show all areas in front of the mall and all pedestrian flyovers occupied with people waiting to cheer Suthep.

10:42 am: Suthep’s procession reaches Siam Square.

10:52am: The procession led by Suthep converges a procession of the Chulalongkorn University’s community in front of the Mah Boon Krong shopping centre.

11:00 am: Seree Wongmontha, leader of the fifth part of the procession, asks why the procession has not moved. Seree’s part is still struck outside Lumpini Park. He fears the protesters would leave the procession if it stops for too long.

11:40 am: Satit Wongnongtaey announces on the sound truck leading the procession that the last part of the procession has not yet left the Lumpini Park. He urges the protesters at the front to walk faster.

11:15am: Blue Sky reports that the last part of the procession has just reached the Chulalongkorn Hospital.

11:16 am: Suthep walks past BTS’s Rajthevi station.

11:23am: The sound truck of Satit reaches the BTS Phayathai station. People along the sidewalks hand out refrigerated drinking water to marchers.

11:29 am: Suthep is reaching the BTS Phayathai station. The spokeswoman says the procession is moving slow because a lot demonstrators walk in front of the sound truck.

11:42 am: People brace the blazing sun to stand on sidewalks to welcome Suthep at the Phayathai Intersection.

11:45 am: PDRC spokesman spokesman Akanat Promphan says his mother, Srisakul Promphan who is Suthep’s wife, fell behind the procession as she could not catch up with him. Srisakul earlier said she might join the march.

11:49 am: Suthep’s part of the procession reaches Santirat Pittayalai School.

12:02pm: Suthep walks past the Buddhist Monks Hospital on Si Ayutthaya Road. The road reverberates with the people shouting “Kamnan Fight on, Kamman Fight on,” referring to Suthep, a former kamnan.

People who line up the road hand out refrigerated water and cooling handkerchief to marchers.

12:06 pm: Suthep and marchers around him walk past the Ayutthaya Intersection. People who are waiting there erupt in cheers.

12:08 pm: Akanat says his mother called to say that the last part of the procession has not yet left the Lumpini Park.

12:15pm: Blue Sky reports that the front part of the procession has 1.7 kilometres to walk on to reach the Royal Plaza. The final part of the procession is still on the Rajdamri Road.

12:18 pm: Some demonstrators stop by Si Ayutthaya road sides to have lunch. They have prepared their lunch and some put up tents to distribute lunches to marchers.

12:31pm: Rescue officials spray herb water on guards of Suthep to cool them off amid the scorching weather.

12:32pm: Suthep and his part of procession are reaching the Benjamabophit Temple at the end of Si Ayutthaya Road.

12:35pm: Protesters slow down as Suthep is reaching the Si Ayutthaya Intersection. Leaders try to encourage them to walk on or step aside as Suthep appears that he needs air.

12:36pm: The situation improves as the march manages to flow smoothly.

12:40pm: People along the way spray water on marchers to cool them off amid blazing sun.

12:43pm: Suthep reaches the Royal Plaza.

13:26pm: A protester faints in the hot weather while waiting for Suthep to make a speech at the Royal Plaza.

13:36 pm: Suthep performs a religious rite to worship the statue of King Rama V.

13:51pm: Suthep makes a speech at the Royal Plaza. He says the PDRC will be united in eliminating the Thaksin regime and to reform the country to be a genuinely democratic principle.

13:56pm: Suthep moves on to Parliament.

14:09pm: Suthep steps into the compound of Parliament. It is the first time he stepped into the compound after he resigned as an MP to lead the PDRC.

14:16pm: Suthep vows not to allow the Parliament to be reopened before the country is fully reformed.

14:20pm: Suthep pays respect to King Prajadhipok’s institute.

14:22pm: Suthep addresses demonstrators from inside the Parliament’s compound. The demonstrators wait outside.

Suthep vows to return ruling mandate given by King Prajdhipok to the people instead of having it monopolised by the Thaksin regime.

14:27pm: Suthep leaves Parliament’s compound. He leads demonstrators back to Lumpini Park.

14:56pm: While walking back to Lumpini Park, PDRC spokeswoman Anchalee Paireerak calls for donations of drinking water and foods at the park for the demonstrators. She says most demonstrators had only breakfast before joining the march.

15:00pm: Suthep walks past Ramathibodi Hospital on Rama VI road to return to Lumpini Park.

15:07pm: Anchalee pleads for ready meals again and ask donors to send them to the Lumpini Park for the marching demonstrators.

15:15pm: The front part of the procession led by Suthep meets the last part of the procession at the Foreign Ministry headquarters at the Si Ayutthaya Intersection. The last part has just arrived at the intersection.

15:25pm: Suthep’s part of procession passes the Urupong Intersection.

15:37pm: Suthep’s procession passes Soi Phetchaburi 5.

15:54pm: Suthep reaches Pathumwan Intersection.

16:02pm: Suthep passes Siam Centre. By-standers cheer and blow whistles.

16:04pm: Suthep passes Siam Paragon. Shoppers rush out to take photos of Suthep.

16:08pm: Suthep passes the Forensic Science Institute on Henri Dunant Road.

16:30pm: Suthep and the procession make left turn at the Suriwong Intersection onto the Rama IV Road.

16:35pm: Suthep and his part of the procession reach the Saladaeng Intersection.

16:42pm: Suthep enters the Lumpini Park at the gate on the side of Thai-Belgian Bridge.

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