PDRC supporters welcome new voting system

national March 13, 2014 00:00


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PARTICIPANTS at anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) national reform process forum welcomed the new "voting system" being used to collect ideas, but said there should be more such machines so they can cover a wider range.

However, some participants who were not familiar with the technology said they preferred the manual system.

The forum, attended by academics and protesters entered its second day yesterday at Bangkok’s Lumpini Park. The high-tech “voting system” was used with sample group of participants, to collect ideas.

PDRC supporter Patchalee Saeng-jan said this voting system was a good choice to encourage public participation in the reform forum, but unfortunately, there were not enough machines available for everybody.

Also, she said, it was difficult for people to understand how to use these machines as they came from different backgrounds. Hence, she said, the PDRC should ask each village to send in a representative to cast votes. She also pointed out that some questions were difficult for many to understand.

Patchalee suggested that it might be a good idea to manually count the votes after the forum.

A PDRC supporter, who wanted to be known as Thongchai, said this voting system was a good way to listen to ideas as well as encourage public participation. Also, he said, the computer could easily add up the votes and come up with accurate statistics.

Another participant, Panya Apinyanurak, said he backed PDRC’s decision to use this electronic voting system to evaluate opinions, but it should not be limited to just a sample group.

He added that the PDRC should extend these questions to other people who were not present at the forum, for instance, the staff could summarise details from the forum and post it on Facebook asking for votes.


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