No one more elated than his wife Pit-ampai

national July 04, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

How do you feel now that your wait has ended after three and a half years?

Very happy. I didn’t believe it and told the official that I would believe it only when I saw Veera at the embassy. My family had been trying to get Veera released since the Democrat-led government and the Pheu Thai government, and finally the National Council for Peace and Order, helped get him freed.
I visited him once a week because that was all the visiting time allowed. I dropped off medicine, spices and curry paste so that he could cook. He couldn’t eat prison food as he’s a vegetarian. He promised to keep healthy until he was released. 
Sometimes Veera told me to bring extra food to give to the other inmates because they were good to him. Every time I visited him, I kept him informed about the situation in the country, because he was barred from reading, writing and talking. 
How was it during detention?
He was under stress in the beginning, as he was restricted from speaking and writing. Dharma was his only stress reliever. The embassy staff were not sure if I would be able to visit him every week. I said, of course. Veera didn’t commit any offence. He’s not a criminal. He just wanted to protect his motherland. Had he been a criminal, his family would not have visited him. 
What’s next?
Veera has promised to spend more time with his family to compensate for the three and a half years missing from our life. We will continue working and living our normal life.

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