News organisations 'need a regulatory body'

national July 05, 2014 00:00

By Khanittha Thepphajorn
The Nat

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With the National Press Council of Thailand (NPCT) marking its 17th anniversary, chairman Chakkrish Permpool highlighted the need to bring the increasingly disparate media outlets in the country under the supervision of one regulatory body.

“Maybe we can do it in the form of a confederation.” Chakkrish said yesterday. 
He said many NPCT co-founders had already played a prominent role in several types of media outlets. 
“It’s time we established a regulatory organisation for all media, especially in terms of news. Some young members of news media clearly lack solid understanding of the principles governing mass media,” he said.
To mark its anniversary yesterday, the NPCT held many activities, including a seminar on the new media landscape. 
Media personalities from several organisations participated.
Korkhet Chantalertlak, chairman of the News Broadcasting Council of Thailand, said news reports relayed via online media often displayed the personal attitude or comments of the re-senders. The media’s role as a gatekeeper has accordingly changed considering the participation of different members of society as well as the factor of technology. 
Sometimes media outlets publicise specific reports as they want to boost their ratings, which will help them win new advertising, he said. 
“People who consider themselves media professionals but who do not do their jobs responsibly are the ones causing problems,” he said. “The idea that anybody can be a journalist just because he or she can share information faster is totally false.” 
Suphap Kleekachai, who chairs a national digital terrestrial television club, said media professionals had to change the way they work, as research showed that the number of newspaper readers will drop significantly as many dailies had invested in digital television and were using their publications to win viewers. 
Chaipranin Visudhipol, former president of the Advertising Association of Thailand, said Thai media had to adapt to technology and realise that readers did not necessarily have to read news from a newspaper but could do so from their smartphones or tablet computers.