NCPO allows 12 satellite channels to resume broadcast

national August 24, 2014 15:36

By The Nation

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The National Council for Peace and Order on Sunday allowed 12 satellite television channels to resume their broadcast, National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Secretary-general of Thakorn Tantasit said.

The stations will have to strictly comply with the junta's announcements and conditions, Thakorn said.

He added that the NBCT will convene a meeting Monday to formally approve the rebroadcast of the 12 stations.

The 12 politically leaning satellite TV channels,  whose broadcasts were suspended after the May 22 coup, are MV5, DNN, UDD, Asia Update, P&P, 4 Channel, Bluesky, FMTV, ASTV, Hot TV, Rescue, and a station operated by the Students' and People's Network for Thailand's Reform.

Several of the stations will have to change their names and change their programme schedules as part of the conditions to rebroadcasting, sources said.

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