NACC plans more efficient fight against corruption

national June 18, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The National Anti-Corruption Commission will work closely with state agencies to make the fight against graft more efficient and effective.

The National Council for Peace and Order has given eradicating corruption a high priority and instructed the NACC to take a unified approach in tackling the problem and act as the prime mover with support from state agencies, Sansern Poljiak, secretary-general of the NACC, said yesterday. 
The agencies that will share the NACC’s responsibilities and duties are the Justice, Social Development and Human Security, and Education ministries and the Public Sector Development Commission, he said.
The NACC and the agencies would cooperate in formulating a strategy under a five-year plan that would ensure they all proceed in the same direction.
“The NACC had been the only organisation addressing this mega problem. The integrated approach will increase efficiency and help us achieve better results,’’ he said.
The NACC agreed to take the lead in combatting corruption for fiscal 2015 since the agencies face time constraints in drafting projects and providing spending details.
However, to comply with the second stage national agenda on anti-corruption strategy (2013-17), the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission should take over as the major agency responsible for the campaign against corruption in 2016, he added.

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