Most Thais believe the political situation is critical, Dusit Poll finds

national April 21, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Most Thais believe the country's political problems have already reached a critical stage, according to the latest Dusit Poll survey.

The solution, most respondents said, lies with all Thais. 
Dusit Poll conducted a nationwide survey between April 17-19 to determine people’s opinions on the current political situation. 
Of the 1,374 respondents, about 81 per cent said the political turmoil had already become a crisis because political violence had claimed lives and caused property damages without any solution in sight. 
When asked who or which organisation would be able to stop the political problems, 64 per cent said “all Thais and all sides”, while 22 per cent said the military.
The rest believed the solution lies with the government and the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). 
The survey revealed that 46 per cent of respondents wanted all sides to cooperate in ending the conflict, with the public interest the main focus. 
Just over 36 per cent said the solutions should be proposed in a peaceful manner and no confrontations should take place, while 18 per cent demand the media cover the news transparently and constructively. 
Almost 55 per cent of respondents said the economic impact as a result of the conflict had directly affected people, and 27 per cent said they had experienced difficulty travelling to work or to class due to street protests. 
More than 17 per cent said the country’s political conflict had widened the social divide. 
Asked how the conflict between the Yingluck-led government and the PDRC should be handled, 45 per cent recommended talks, 39 per cent suggested people stop joining activities that supported the two camps and 15 per cent believed respectable neutral figures should be recruited to act as mediators. 
About 36 per cent of respondents believed the crisis had plagued the country because all sides refused to listen to differing opinions, while 34 per cent said the ongoing political 
turmoil stemmed from some people’s selfishness, lack of integrity and 
Almost 30 per cent blamed the problem on lax law enforcement and interference in the work of government officials. 

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