Many top officials shown the door

national June 29, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Yingluck-aligned public servants formally transferred as the military undertakes a major bureaucratic reshuffle

Several key officials have been moved to inactive posts as part of the ruling National Council for Peace and Order’s rotation of high-ranking figures.
General Nipat Thonglek, who had pledged full allegiance to ousted prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, has been removed from the Defence Ministry permanent secretary post and is now chief adviser to the Defence Ministry.
He has been replaced by General Surasak Kanjanarat. 
Athapol Yaisawang has been removed from the attorney-general’s post.
Also gone is Tarit Pengdith, the former director-general of the Department of Special Investigation who pledged his allegiance to Yingluck and vowed to take legal action against those responsible for the political crackdown in 2010 under the Abhisit Vejjajiva government.
The changes were contained in orders 77-79 that the NCPO ordered on Friday night. The reshuffles took effect on Friday and His Majesty the King will endorse the new officials after the government is formed.
Nine officials have been appointed advisers to the PM’s Office including Tarit, former PM’s Office permanent secretary Tongthong Chandransu, former permanent 
secretary for Information and Communications Technology Surachai Srisaracam, former secretary-general of the Southern Border Provincial Administrative Centre Pol Colonel Thawee Sodsong and former House of Representatives secretary-general Suwichag Nakwatcharachai.
The rotation of officials also involved the economic ministries. 
Srirat Rastapana has been removed as Commerce Ministry permanent secretary and made an adviser to the PM’s Office.
Srirat is replaced by Chutima Bunyaprapasara, the inspector-general at the ministry. 
Chutima, who is well versed on international trade negotiation, was involved in the Abhisit government’s controversial measures to solve rising egg prices.
She was director-general of trade negotiations, foreign trade and internal trade before being sidelined when Yingluck came to power. 
Suthep Liumsirijarern, the recently appointed Energy Ministry permanent secretary, is now an adviser at the PM’s Office while Areepong Bhoocha-oom has been shifted from secretary of the Public Sector Department Commission to replace Suthep.
When Yingluck was in power, Areepong was replaced as Finance Ministry permanent secretary because he was seen as unable to handle the post-audit committee for the debt-ridden rice-pledging scheme.
Supa Piyajitti, a new member of National Anti-Corruption Commission, was the Finance Ministry’s deputy secretary at that time and Areepong made her chairman of the committee. 
In further reshuffles, Rakop Srisupa-at has been removed as Customs Department director-general and becomes Finance Ministry inspector-general. 
He reportedly is closely connected to former Thaksin government minister Suwat Liptapanlop.
Office of Fiscal Policy director Somchai Sujjapongse is the new director-general of Customs Department. 
He reportedly has close ties with Newin Chidchob, the de facto leader of the Bhum Jai Thai Party. 
Somchai, meanwhile, attended the same class as junta chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha at the National Defence College.
Who is being shifted, and who their replacements are
Defence Ministry deputy permanent secretary General Surasak Kanjanarat elevated to permanent secretary
Defence permanent secretary General Nipat Thonglek, was appointed chief adviser to the ministry
Attorney General Athapol Yaisawang was moved as Adviser to the Office of the Attorney General
Deputy attorney-general Trakul Winitnaiyapak becomes attorney-general
Interior Ministry deputy permanent secretary ML Panadda Diskul becomes PM’s Office permanent secretary
ICT Ministry Inspector Methini Thepmani appointed as ICT Ministry permanent secretary
Interior Ministry Inspector Panu Uthairat appointed as secretary-general of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre 
Deputy secretary-general of the House of Representatives Charae Panpruang appointed as secretary-general of the House of Representatives
Deputy national police chief Pol General Chatchawal Suksomjit takes over as director-general of the Department of Special Investigation
Commerce permanent secretary Srirat Rastapana appointed as adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office
Secretary-general at the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission Pol General Pravesana Mulpramook appointed as adviser to the Permanent Secretary’s Office at the Justice Ministry
Customs Department director-general Rakop Srisupa-at appointed as inspector-general at the Finance Ministry
Commerce Ministry Inspector-general Chutima Bunyaprapasara was appointed as permanent secretary of the ministry
Deputy secretary-general of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission Prayong Preeyachit appointed as secretary-general of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission
Fiscal Policy Office director Somchai Sujjapongse appointed as director-general of the Customs Department
Fiscal Policy Office adviser Krisada Chinavicharana appointed as director of the Office
Secretary-general at the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission Areepong Bhoochaoom appointed as Energy Ministry permanent secretary
Deputy permanent secretary Culture Ministry Apinan Poshyananda appointed as the ministry’s permanent secretary
Higher Education Commission Office deputy secretary-general Kamjorn Tatiyakavee appointed as secretary-general of the Office
Basic Education Commission Office deputy secretary-general Kamol Rodklai appointed as secretary-general the Office
Officials moved to be advisers in the PM’s Office:
PM’s Office permanent secretary Tongthong Chandransu
Culture Ministry permanent secretary Preecha Gunteeya
Energy Ministry permanent secretary Suthep Liumsirijarern 
Higher Education Commission Office secretary Tossaporn Sirisampan 
Basic Education Commission Office secretary-general Apichart Jirawut 
Tarit Pengdith director-general Department of Special Investigation
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry permanent secretary Surachai Srisaracam 
Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre secretary-general Pol General Tawee Sodsong 
House of Representatives secretary Suwichag Nakwatcharachai.

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