Many social-media users planning to work as usual

national January 13, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Most people gave feedback yesterday that they will go to work as usual today, even though the Bangkok Shutdown campaign has started.

However, some people will not work today. Some will be absent on their own, and some can’t go to their office because it is closed. Some people said they are not joining the shutdown rally but are staying home for work or to relax.
Seeking people’s opinion on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Line, to the question “What will you do tomorrow?” drew a lot of answers. 
Most of them will go to work as usual. Pattima Kallapanayut said she will still drive to work, while Songkram Kingklang and TuKta Bheungnoi said they will go to work as usual but leave their cars behind as some traffic routes are closed. 
Most respondents said they would proceed with their lives as usual. For example, Narudom Roongsiriwong has to stand by his office since he lives nearby. Plern Plern said she’ll stay home after taking her children to school in the morning. 
Sarinyal Loyprasit said she would not take the day off. “I need to take responsibility by going to work as usual.”
On-uma V Rerkpattanapipat said she does not support the shutdown campaign and she will report for work as always today.
Some will stay in today. Janin Ninwadee will watch movies. Pim Nuch Lek Woracharttawechai will monitor the situation since her house is near a rally site. Chyu Srimattayakul will keep one eye on work and the other on the shutdown. People joining the protest include Piyawan Anan, Chananun Kongtanarit and Suphol Tantisiriwat.
Some people will work at home, such as Oweera Chearanaipanit and Metha Punwaratorn. Aon Poonsri said she will head to the office as usual but if commuting is impossible she would work at home. Some people will do both – go to work and join the shutdown rally – such as Ratty Naka and Nael Kung. 
Nunongha Na Bangkapi will join the rally after work. Nuttaputch Wongreanthong will work as usual. Since his office is located on the same soi of a rally site, he would also join the rally. 
Nui Siriwan will still work today but at her home and also join the rally. 
Siripon Jak Mektanatip will go to the temple to make merit. @kafaak will go to get a driving licence since his office is closed.
Michael Will chose whichever option supports democracy in Thailand, so “A” cannot be an option. Maurice Edwards chose C, working from home and following twitter for the latest information.

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